The Dangers of “Fad” Diets

The Dangers of “Fad” Diets

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They promise quick weight loss, but Lee Health registered dietitian and nutritionist Erika Graziani said you should avoid fad diets. “That’s the biggest thing I hear from a lot of my clients is that I’ve tried every diet out there, and they’ll work for a while, and then as soon as I go off that I gain the weight back.”

Graziani said fad diets rules often make them unsustainable. “Even if you did make some gains during that period of time when you had the fad diet, if you’re undoing it and going straight back to where you were, have you really done anything different? Really did you benefit from it, probably not?”

Graziani says it’s better to find a diet that you can stick with for the rest of your life. “Eating whole foods, quality foods, real foods that are minimally processed, and then things that grow like plant-based foods, that’s kind of a good starting point.” Said Graziani.

Losing weight is about more than just what you eat. “Establish a healthy lifestyle through a healthy eating pattern, exercise, proper sleep, and stress management and as a result of that, people lose weight,” said Graziani.

Since everyone is different, visit to make an appointment with a dietitian who can help make an individualized plan that’s right for you.

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