The SECRET Diet Injections Keeping Celebs Slim

The SECRET Diet Injections Keeping Celebs Slim

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November 27, 2023
Strange Diets
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American journalist Vanessa Griogoriadis did some research on something we might’ve all noticed - famous people are getting skinnier than before. Vanessa did some investigation on a fat reducing product developed by a danish company, and it’s pretty controversial. We talk about everyone from Rebel Wilson to Kim Kardashian. #celebrities #kimkardashian #weightloss

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00:00 Celebrities are starting to look more like this
05:00 “Skinny pills" are differentiating us more and more from celebrities
11:20 How do these weight loss products work
13:19 Exercising vs Injections for getting in shape
14:56 The hypocrisy of these products
19:00 “Stanning” on celebrities
21:35 Conclusions after 3 days with Kim Kardashian
26:28 Celebrities are not human
29:40 Other physical aspects that are being artificially manipulated
32:15 Are there any actual health benefits to these products?
33:46 The bad side of this product being popular
40:40 What really is this drug?
45:33 The Satanic Panic
48:33 The power of social contagion
54:11 Gender ideology in the public education system

Edited by: Gonzalo Kaplanski

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