This Is What Jennifer Lopez Eats In A Day

This Is What Jennifer Lopez Eats In A Day

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Does Jennifer Lopez have an off switch? The triple-threat entertainer has done it all in showbiz, but she’s still as motivated as ever. She still dances like it's 1999, continually puts out hit songs, and is still a leading lady in Hollywood.

Besides being a triple threat, she was also a judge on American Idol and has other ventures in clothing lines, beauty products, and fragrances. She just might be the hardest working entertainer in showbiz!

So, how does J-Lo keep up with her busy schedule and still manage to look flawless? She is known to follow a strict workout routine and diet. This is what Jennifer Lopez eats in a day.

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A balanced breakfast | 0:00
No caffeine or alcohol | 1:01
Lots of water | 1:29
Healthy snacks | 2:09
Salads or seafood for lunch | 2:29
Chicken or pork at dinnertime | 3:14
Healthy restaurant meals | 3:55
She still eats cookies | 4:49

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